About Us

EcoShield’s® mission is to kill all viruses that harm humans. With the current pandemic worldwide, we can help prevent the spread of deadly viruses.  At EcoShield we provide high performance, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in the fields of disinfection, sanitation and decontamination. The EcoShield® system is targeted to eliminate bacterial, viral and fungal pathogenic threats to mankind.

What We Do?

EcoShield® decontamination products and services have been used in numerous public facilities – and are a benefit to any facility where people gather and increase the risk of spreading sickness and disease.

We continually strive to develop cost effective, practical solutions to contamination problems incorporating the newest, cutting edge technologies available for commercial use.

EcoShield® is currently helping hospitals and first responders across the country to provide written site specific emergency response plans and programs to ensure that they are prepared for personnel and vehicle decontamination should a suspected case of Ebola or any other pandemic outbreak occur in their community.

With offices conveniently located in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Virginia and Louisiana we are just a call away.

Meet the Team


Dave Fago Jr

Founder & CEO


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