Commercial Services

Who We Serve:



  • Fairs / Festivals / Livestock Shows
  • Farming
  • Food Transportation

Medical Facilities and Offices

  • Hospital and Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Walk-In Clinics
Tampa Bay Lighting + EcoShield

Athletic Facilities

  • Amalie Arena
  • D1 Sports Training
  • Health Clubs
  • School Gymnasiums
  • Amateur and Professional Sports Complexes

Government Facilities

  • Office Buildings
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Mass Transportation
EcoShield Trailers

Commercial Buildings

  • General Offices
  • Restaurants
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  • Private and Public Schools
  • Day Care Centers
  • Student Housing



1. Facility Evaluation

Bio-Mapping® is the process of assessing an indoor environment utilizing the most current techniques and equipment in the industry. The assessments may include the collection of air, bulk and surface samples for bacterial and fungal contamination. The results are then entered into data management software that provides a comprehensive overview of a facilities’ indoor environmental quality. This exclusive process allows us to fully understand the movement and collection of pathogens within your facility.

2. Terminal Cleaning

Total Reach Technology® is a mixture of 100 different combinations of differing types of delivery systems that introduce non-toxic proprietary chemical formulations into an environment to efficiently and effectively decontaminate spaces and surfaces.

EcoShield in the Classroom

3. Disinfecting

EcoShield Verifiable Clean™ brings a scientifically verified surface cleaning that was developed to show that we are creating a cleaner, healthier environment for our facilities. And, with EcoShield Advanced Level Clean™ even your own maintenance team can provide the protection and comfort that comes with the SHIELD.

4. Ongoing Maintenance

Whether utilizing the EcoShield cleaning crew or your own maintenance team, EcoShield Clean Score™ helps customers track performance and keep their facilities clean. And, if you prefer to use your own maintenance team, EcoShield University™, our online and in-person training and certification program will help you ensure that your maintenance staff understands and appreciates the importance of the system.

How will this work for our facility?

EcoShield® has developed protocols for hospitals, airplanes, cruise lines, daycares, gyms, health clubs, nursing homes, office buildings, retail stores, rental cars, hotels and more. EcoShield® will perform a site inspection then deliver a custom-designed treatment protocol identifying transmission points, recommended cleaning products, personal sanitizing products, professional treatments, and pricing schedule. This can be implemented right away without disruption of your daily business. You can start to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier, more productive work place right away. Moving into the 21st century, bio-protection has never been easier. Your employees and customers will thank you. You and your improved bottom line will thank us.


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